Shoreline Yearbook

Spread Design

I worked on Cape Fear Academy’s yearbook staff all four years of high school. In my time there, I honed my skills of writing, photography, spread design, leadership and working under deadlines. I also became proficient in Adobe InDesign. Below are examples of my work, where I wrote copy and captions and designed the spreads.

Editorial Theme Development and Spread Design

I served as Shoreline’s Editor-in-Chief my junior and senior years of high school. Editorship entailed crafting the perfect yearbook theme from the ground up. Theme development included the creation of a theme package, containing a statement explaining why our theme fit our particular school year; a graphic, or a symbol used throughout the book to represent our theme and fonts and colors consistent with the theme. Below is my opening and closing copy and design in which my theme was “The Place to Be” and my graphic was a triangle with the theme statement inside.

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