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Inside my fall playlist

After UNC’s dorm de-densification process just one week into my first semester of college, I coped with being forcibly removed from campus the way I cope with everything: immersing myself in music. 

In late August, I decided to visualize fall, romanticizing the crunchy, colorful leaves and chilly air Hampstead, North Carolina rarely sees. To compensate for the hot, sticky weather and the fact I was away from my friends and attending college from my childhood bedroom, I created a playlist to capture the essence of what it feels like to go for a walk on an autumn day: red and yellow leaves cascading down from trees that crunch as you step through them, pumpkin spice latte in hand (yes, I’m that basic), scarf wrapped loosely around your neck and being surrounded by your favorite people in the world. 

Though I deem it fully acceptable to start listening to Christmas music on November 1, I’m still soaking up all the warmth and coziness this fall playlist has to offer. Without further ado, I’ll be taking you through some highlights.

“Sweet FA” – Peach Pit

Starting out on a lighthearted note, this song instantly relaxes my brain. The riff in the beginning lives in my head rent-free, and this song never fails to make me feel cozy. 

“Dead on Arrival” by Fall Out Boy

This classic emo anthem emits vibes of driving down roads you’re sick of in your hometown with the windows down, cold breeze blowing through and you in your hoodie with your foot out the window bobbing your head to the song as you contemplate driving far, far away.

“Old Friends” by Pinegrove

This one’s depressing and nostalgic, and it scratches an unidentifiable brain itch. Intricate lyricism. 8/10 chance you will cry.

“The Good Part” by AJR

Anything by AJR slaps me in the face with major-junior-year-of-high-school-nostalgia, but this particular track is eerily fitting for all of us who have had our lives put on hold during the pandemic. While it isn’t the cheeriest on my playlist, it’s still vibey while simultaneously sending me into an existential crisis about all this wasted time, so I think it’s pretty solid.

“That’s What You Get” by Paramore

I suppose it’s the angst that mimics my pent-up anger from COVID canceling college that gets me, but this song is absolutely never a skip. Maybe it’s Hayley Williams’ iconic orange hair, but the entire Riot album just emanates autumn.

“Campus” by Vampire Weekend

A girl can dream. This song became the soundtrack to a TikTok phenomenon of showing off college campuses; this only contributes to my nagging desire to be living my best life in Chapel Hill, walking through the prettiest campus in the world as the leaves are changing.

Happy fall, or winter, or Merry Christmas if that’s your vibe right now. If you want to romanticize this season with me, check out the full playlist!

xo casey

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